Hewitt Taylor (HT) is an independent company, providing financial, operational and
compliance services.
HT was established to provide integrated support services to help its clients better manage their statutory and regulatory obligations.
HT will develop and implement strategies to address the increasing need for stronger governance, transparency and
reporting requirements of their investors and key stakeholders.
HT will deliver and manage the implementation of comprehensive compliance and risk management programs including AML/CTF programs for AFSL holders, wealth management and advisory businesses.
HT provides the clarity and experience needed to effectively manage administration-intensive processes, by developing detailed policies and procedures to match the client’s business model. These solutions are then supported through ongoing training
to manage and document risk on behalf of the client.
A full range of solutions including financial, compliance and operational support (facilities and asset management advice) can also be utilised to provide the necessary skills and resources to establish a Funds Management platform, or to manage an existing platform without the financial costs of an internalised model.
HT provides a partnership approach to the review and implementation of required changes to deliver best practices. Under this collaborative approach, new lines of business and competitive advantage can be achieved.
HT provides active management, reporting and presentations on performance, compliance, finance, and operations to executive teams, boards and external investors, as well as to audit firms and regulators as required.
HT believes in the end-to-end delivery of services, provided by a high-quality professional best practice framework built on the integrity, expertise and passion of its staff.
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