Management and administrative services.
Initial things to consider:
• Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) for direct real property wholesale managed investment schemes (MIS).
• Provision of core proofs, policies and procedures.
• Adequate experience, ongoing management and resource costs
• Ongoing reporting requirements for an AFSL Licence holder & Fund Manager
• Custodial services management with professional custodians
• AFSL annual audits, quarterly base level financial testing
• Responsible Managers to support the AFSL
• Compliance committee, Funds Management board of directors
• Compliance testing, quarterly meetings
• Risk framework, management and risk mitigation
• Breach reporting
• Conflicts of interest
• Complaints management
• Compliance plans and reporting for MIS
• Investor reporting, newsletters, quarterly and annual reports
• Property management / Development management
• Financial Reporting

HT Fund and Property accounting, these services include:
• Monthly, PL, BS, GL full BS reconciliations
• Investment property reconciliations
• Monthly, YTD and Forecast reporting to budget with variance commentary
• Quarterly, performance reporting, banking compliance covenants, BAS
• Annual statutory reporting, and development of the Annual Report.
• External audit management
• Overseeing property valuation process and engagement
• Executive management report and high-level asset reporting incorporating asset-specific details from the property managers
• Monthly property management meetings with the outsourced property managers to manage variance reporting and forecasts
• Annual Budget preparation working with outsourced service providers
• Unit registry management, distribution calculations, year-end Tax statements

HTPL will work with management to develop suitable investor reporting, this could include:
• Unit pricing
• Income, Capital and Total return profiles with incremental reporting of 1,3,6,9 month, 1yr, 3yr, 5 yr. and since inception performance
• Geographic and asset diversification reporting
• Waterfall charts for movements in asset values
• Distribution profiles and forecasting
• Weighted average lease expiry profiles by asset and at the fund level
• Portfolio metrics including top tenants and asset benchmarking
• Strategy, future opportunities and market trends
• Asset valuation, and metrics for the portfolio
• Investment Committee papers and presentations
• Executive board reporting, presentations and briefing papers

HTPL can manage the compliance reporting for the Fund as well as the AFSL, whether it is in-house or through the partnership
• MIS compliance plan reporting
• Risk register, risk matrix for the Fund and the RE
• Customer complaints, conflicts of interest and breach register
• Related party reporting
• Unit pricing policy
• AML/CTF reporting, including AUSTRAC reporting and registration
• Manage outsourced service provider relationships and performance and risk reporting
• AFSL reporting, base level financial reports
• RM reporting compliance and training registers
• External annual compliance audits and statutory reporting
• Quarterly compliance committee reporting
• Custodian - proper instructions and review of Custodian AFSL requirements

HTPL can also assist with re-financing of current debt facilities as well as assist with hedging strategies and diversification of banking pools. Annual reviews and loan covenant reporting can also be managed.

Facilities management, HTPL can provide advisory services to offer advice or an integrated service to help drive the performance and value of the property portfolio, with a wealth of experience in the public and private sectors
• HTPL integrates its business disciplines around risk, cost management, contract management, scheduling, planning and project management to deliver a comprehensive and consolidated service to clients
• Delivery modelling, aligned to business objectives, operational planning and procurement management
• HTPL can assist with the ‘big-picture’ approach to facilitating a Fund’s 3, 5 and 10-year business objectives. Including property management (i.e. acquisition, development, transactional management and disposal), project management (i.e. capital investment plans, life-cycle analysis and modelling, fit-outs), risk management, value management, FM (i.e. strategic modelling and advice, procurement, mobilisation, performance management and operations management)
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